Audience Per Content Pack

Deliver convincing audience reports
for each content that runs on your screens

Why this pack?

The Audience Per Content (APC) Pack is the next frontier for Proof Of Play (PoP) reports, which it completes with solid audience data: how many watchers and Opportunities To See did a campaign get and what was the average demographic breakdown. 

With its native integration with dozens of CMS taking place at the player level, Quividi ensures very precise analysis (as opposed to average calculations performed server-side that mask real trends)

What are the use cases?

  • Get easy-to-read audience reports for the various contents played on your network
  • Deliver live reports to your stakeholders (eg agencies, comm departments), right from the start of the campaign
  • Alternatively, let your CMS import certified audience figures to enrich its own Proof of play reports

What’s included in the pack?

This pack includes:

  • The access to “Audience per content ” dashboards, which come with:
    • Places and dates where the content ran (ie proof of play)
    • Number of plays, OTS, watchers, watchers >2sec per content
    • General breakdown by demographics
    • Audience over time

  • The activation of dedicated APIs:
    • CMS Audience Per Content API: this API lets CMS pass along the name of the content it is playing, so that each content seen could be associated with the right watcher.
    • CMS Verification API: this API is an enhanced version of the Audience per Content API, and will inform the CMS of the audience it has computed while the latest content was running, so as to let this CMS create correct enriched proof of play reports on its side.
    • Clip Metadata API: this API is meant to complete the content ID with other metadata uploaded in VidiCenter (such as the name of the content), in order to make reports easier to read.
    • Real time API: this API is provided for the few CMS that use this mode to provide audience per content.

What are the benefits?

With the Audience Per Content pack:

  • Use accurate KPIs, calculated right at the player level
  • Benefit from the native integration with CMS with whom Quividi shares APIs, to access your audience report either in VidiCenter or in your CMS
  • Get Quividi to act as a neutral 3rd party with advertisers
  • Ask for viewer accounts to be assigned to 3rd parties, for them to access their report in quasi-real time

How does this pack differ from Campaign Intelligence?

The Audience Per Content Pack focuses on delivering quantitative KPIs in an easy-to-read one-page report.

By contrast, Campaign Intelligence provides a qualitative analysis of the performance of each content, including watchers per play, scores, fit to target, uplifts vs model, etc.