Campaign Intelligence

Get in-depth insights on why a campaign performs
and how to improve it

Why this pack?

Campaign Intelligence is the most advanced analytics tools for analyzing the performance of DOOH and digital signage campaigns.

Via a series of dedicated dashboards, benchmarks, methods and scores, it provides not only the main KPIs of a series of contents (# of plays, # of watchers, attention time), but more crucially explanations on how good each content was.

What are the use cases?

  • Network operators gather deep insights on what type of content works best on their screens and why, and can advise their announcers 
  • Media planners get scores, cost per contact data and targeting possibilities that are in line with the other digital medias
  • Creative agencies can build a coherent strategy on how to create the most impactful digital signagecampaigns

What’s included in the pack?

This pack includes:

  • The access to specific in-depth live dashboards that focus on the  performance of a campaign, along 3 axis (contents comparison, performance over time, performance over site), with specific visual charts
  • The benchmark of each content with other content that ran in similar conditions for the main KPIs
  • The scoring for each content wrt. its ability to reach the correct demographic target
  • Summaries in plain English of the key learning for easy sharing
  • The activation of the CMS Audience per Content and Verification APIs, that makes it possible for the CMS to communicate with a 1/10th second precision the content that it is playing, for Campaign Intelligence to later do its advanced computations.

What are the benefits?

With Campaign Intelligence:

  • Understand how well a campaign performed, globally and with its target audience, down to each individual content.
  • Learn how to optimize the subsequent campaigns.

How does Campaign Intelligence differ from the APC Pack?

The Audience Per Content Pack focuses on delivering the main KPIs in an easy-to-read one-page report.

By contrast, Campaign Intelligence provides in-depth analysis of the performance of each content, including watchers per play, fit to target, uplifts vs model, etc.