- United Kingdom, since 2013 -

Ocean Outdoor, through its daughter company Signature Outdoor, runs The Loop, a pedestrian-facing screen network at the heart of Birmingham and Manchester. With a total of 46 digital units, the network generates 4,8 million impacts every two weeks in Birmingham and 5,2 million in Manchester.

The totems embed a full range of technologies – Quividi’s facial detection, HD cameras, dynamic audio, full motion capability, NFC, live video streaming and live data&social media feeds, as well as Wifi (Birmingham) and touchscreen (Manchester) – to enhance creative campaigns and provide advertisers with precise targeting options (by demographic, day part or hour…).


  • Advertisers can buy the network via audience and impressions and accurately target by demographic
  • The full range of technologies embedded in the screens provides the best digital canvas for enhanced creative campaign executions