An innovative use of Quividi in TV media research

While the Quividi solution is mainly used for audience measurement and retail metrics in out-of-home places, there are some customers making innovative uses of our solution that is worth knowing about. Even more so when such research project received the prestigious Grand Prix at The 2012 Media Research Group (MRG) Awards, a few weeks ago.

Congrats then to Cog Research and Thinkbox who designed and implemented the ‘Screen Life: the view from the sofa’ research project, whose point was to understand the engagement of members of households used to watching TV while interacting with their smartphone or tablet – a growing tendacy also called multi-screening.

The 20 voluntary households which took part to the research were hosting several cameras installed in their loundge:

  • several cameras were recording how people behaved in their living room and helped researchers visually identify what people were doing and provide typical footage for the final report;
  • one camera was feeding a local computer running Quividi’s VidiReports, which detected when people in the room were looking towards the TV set and computed precise attention time (as a reminder the Quividi solution never records any video – see the privacy statement).

The study demonstrated that people in the sample were more likely to stay in the room or not change the channel during the ad break if they were multi-screening. As Neil Mortensen, Thinkbox’s Research and Planning Director, puts it: “Multi-screening is a huge benefit and opportunity for TV advertisers (…). It encourages people to watch more TV and more ad breaks and does not adversely affect ad recognition, and viewers now have the ability to act on what they see immediately”.


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Why the Quividi solution for Digital Signage Operators?

Real time metrics to measure and reinforce the impact of your network

The Quividi solution is a simple software add-on to your digital signage network, designed to deliver a rich set of audience metrics. By just placing a standard video sensor on top of your screens, you’ll get to know :

  • your potential audience (Opportunities To See),
  • the real number of on-lookers,
  • their gender and age group,
  • how long they stay around and look to your screens.

Using state of the arts video analytics algorithms, the process records no image, no video and only delivers anonymous statistics.

Results are delivered in a private online dashboard and reveal global trends and interesting comparisons between demographics, sites, screens, business periods and more. The solution can also deliver campaign reports by just crossing results with your proof of performance reports.

At last, you will take advantage of Quividi’s exceptional speed and accuracy to get your loops to react in real time to the composition and behavior of your audience.


  • Designed to run on your existing player with standard webcams, under Windows or Linux.
  • Infrastructure and licensing plans are adapted to small sample approaches as well as large deployments.
  • Consistent with the DP-AA (formerly OVAB) audience measurement guidelines.
  • With over 200 digital signage networks already measured, the Quividi solution has been nammed market leader by the authoritative DailyDOOH publication.

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“The quality and depth of the reporting enables us to continually maximise the effectiveness of our content.”

Sarah Merrigan, Client Services Mgr - Realisation

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Dailydooh considers Quividi leader of the audience measurement market

Paris – Aug 24th 2012. In a post called “Sorry @IntelAIMSuite, @Quividi Are The Market Leaders”, the most influencial digital signage online magazine asserts that in spite of a lesser share of voice than its behemoth competitor, Quividi is the most widely used solution in measuring the audience of digital signage networks.

Editor-in-Chief Adrian Cotterill, makes the point that out of the 44 CEOs from the leading Digital Signage industry he has interviewed, half a dozen are using the Quividi solution to measure their audience.

“Quividi has indeed measured over 180 digital signage networks across 36 countries since its inception” says Olivier Duizabo, Quividi’s CEO. “We’ve been able to experience many different situations and requirements which have helped us improve our solution for the benefit of our customers. We are confident that more and more major networks will be deploying our solution in the next 12 months”, he adds.

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Quividi mentioned in The Economist

Quividi is one of the companies mentioned in the article “I spy, with my big eye“, published April 28th, 2012.

“As for businesses, Quividi, a French marketer, can measure the age and gender of passers-by who linger at an advert; advertisers vary their offerings based on who is looking” reports the article.

It is undobtedly flattering that Quividi is recognized as the pioneer and leader of automatic audience measurement; but let us remind in passing that, in spite of the article’s slightly Orwellian title, our solution does not record any image and doesn’t perform any form of recognition, so that customer privacy is always perfectly safeguarded. In other words: no spying around here!

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The New York Times features Quividi

Paris, June 2nd 2008 – The New York Times featured Quividi in an article entitled “Billboards That Look Back” by Stephanie Clifford. On its publication date, Saturday May 31st, the article entered the “top 10 most emailed” list. The text included quotes from an interview with one of Quividi’s founder as well as photos and commentary on an ongoing audience measurement installation active at the time in Manhattan.

The article has sparked a lot of inquiries about Quividi and has been syndicated in various forms on both online and printed international media. Further interviews have been solicited by newspapers such as the Washington Post and Abu Dhabi’s The National, as well as by KCBS radio in San Francisco.

Such international media coverage comes at a very timely moment for Quividi, which is entering the North American Market and aggressively expanding its marketing operations worldwide.

Unsurprisingly, some editorial angles have stressed more the “social acceptance” factor of automated audience measurement rather than its technological aspect. In this regard, Quividi would like to state once again that VidiReports has no impact on privacy. The camera images are never watched by anyone. Images are analyzed in-place and in real time by a computer and only quantitative and non-nominal qualitative data are extracted. Those data are automatically aggregated and can not be used to infringe on anyone’s privacy.

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VidiReports named Innovation of the Year 2007 by the LSA Magazine

The LSA issue with VidiReports on the front page
Quividi announces that its VidiReports product was awarded the prestigious “Oscar 2007 de l’innovation”, from LSA, the leading retail magazine in France.

LSA identifies, at the end of each year, 9 innovations that marked the year, through a rigorous selection process which associates editors, retailers and manufacturers.

VidiReports was selected in the “Shop equipment” category. The eight other laureates included well-known brands such as Coca Zero, Nintendo Wii, FNAC.COM, Monoprix and Géant Casino, which were also selected for innovating in their own categories.

All the laureates are making the front page of the Dec 13 issue.

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