Interactivity Pack

Create interactive campaigns that engage with the audience

Why this pack?

The Interactivity Pack increases the value of the Digital Signage by making communication more engaging and relevant to the audience.

What are the use cases

  • Create interactive scenarios that change depending on the number, profile and behavior of the audience, either:
    • In the CMS that support our real-time API (more info here)
    • By creating HTML5 scenarios that can be played on most CMS (see a wide range of ideas here)  
  • Export your audience figures in the format you want, directly from the player.

For more examples, please visit this page

What’s included in the pack?

This pack includes:

  • A series of specific features added to VidiReports Core:
    • XYZ coordinates of each detected face
    • Detection of 68 points on the face (including its orientation and the head nodding)
    • Estimation of the mood (from very happy to very unhappy)
    • Detection of the main colors of the torso
  • The Activation of the Real-Time API in VidiReports Core. This API comes itself in various implementation modes (periodic, motion, aggregate, demo) and socket modes – please ask for the technical documentation for more info.

What are the benefits?

With the Interactivity Pack:

  • Create real-time contents that make your communication become reactive of its audience
  • Engage your audience into more memorable and personalized experiences that can deploy at scale
  • Measure finely the behavior and emotions of your audience