Invenda and Quividi Partner to Deliver High-Fidelity Audience Impressions to Smart Vending Machines

Invenda and Quividi Partner to Deliver High-Fidelity Audience Impressions to Smart Vending Machines

Invenda Group AG, the leader in next-generation automated retail, and Quividi, the pioneer and world’s #1 in AI & Computer-Vision based platforms providing real-time audience measurement & shopper engagement for Digital Out-of-home (DOOH) & Retail, today announced a partnership to deliver high-fidelity audience impressions to Invenda’s entire network of vending machines.

Invenda’s Internet of Retail technology powers smart vending machines featuring screens up to 49-inches, that can be leveraged to drive incremental advertising revenues. The screen space is sold through programmatic platforms and partner media brokers. The current inventory includes more than 6,000 units in retail venues, sports centers, transportations, petrol stations, universities, hotels, and offices in 17 countries with a planned reach of 89 million monthly audience impressions by 2025.  

“We are thrilled to partner with Invenda to bring our high-fidelity audience data to Invenda’s vending and advertising ecosystems,” said Olivier Duizabo, President of Quividi. “By bringing more accuracy and transparency to its smart automated machines, Invenda will help create further value for its vending and advertising partners. Vending operators will be able to better understand where to place their machines, create more efficient attract loop and closely analyze the engagement funnel by type of audience.” 

“Quividi provides the most accurate first-party audience impressions available,” said Francesca Meloni, DOOH Advertising Director at Invenda. “We will be offering a unified, precise measurement for each of the campaigns run on our network, worldwide. Our partnership will lead to a more efficient use of DOOH and retail media budgets and better results for our advertisers and media agencies.”

The collaboration between Quividi and Invenda is a significant development in the DOOH and retail media markets as it helps vending machine operators tap into two fast-growing advertising markets. In 2023, the global retail media ad spend is expected to reach $125.7b* while DOOH should achieve $17.54bn in ad spend globally .

*(source: GroupM) & **(source: Statistita)


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