Quividi LABS

Quividi offers a variety of services to help its customers best take advantage of its products.

& training

All Quividi products come with product support and web-based training from the world’s foremost experts so customers can be up and running in no time.

Our services are constantly evolving and you can expect a lot more in the near future.

remote management services

Instead of training in VidiCenter, customers can outsource tasks such as the following to Quividi or one of its trained partners:

  • Optimization of the configuration file
  • Creation of the right network taxonomy
  • Supervision of alerts and interaction with your operations team to fix potential problems
  • Creation and optimization of charts dashboards

This can save time and costs for end customers that do not want to handle Quividi as part of their core business.

interactive experience design

Instead of training in VidiStudio, customers can outsource tasks such as the following to Quividi or one of its trained partner:

  • Graphical layout design
  • Scenario design and decision tree mapping
  • Reporting meta-data for measurement
  • Creation of HTML5 interactive app
  • Support and supervision

Quividi’s latest interactive experiences are available

Experience Design Services

Exclusive experiences can be provided via Quividi’s Experience Design Service.


Quividi’s AI agent can assemble ads based on components you provide it, and optimize to the ad combinations that get the most attention.

The result is an ad that is locally optimized across each individual screen.

See it in action in this case study.

Algorithm Store

Specific interactions can be created by picking in Quividi’s algorithm store. They include:

  • Head nodding: reactions to head tilt such as nodding up and down to mean “yes” and side-to-side to mean “no”. Use it for crowd voting!
  • Color: experiences can leverage the color of the clothes the audience is wearing. This can be used to power a targeted suggestion engine, such as a matching item. See it in action here.