VidiCenter API Pack

Export data out of Vidicenter for all your customization needs

Why this pack?

VidiCenter API provides access to a serie of APIs to extract audience, traffic and monitoring data and ingest it into your own system. 

What are the use cases?

  • Export audience figures for all of your screens, in order to:
    • Feed your own dashboards
    • Populate your own Data Management Platform
    • Cross Quividi data with other data in your possession
  • Export audience per content figures (note that this requires the subscription of the Audience per Content Pack)
  • Create alert workflows based on the monitoring API

What’s included in the pack?

This pack provides with a secret API token to access to all of VidiCenter’s APIs:

  • Watchers and OTS API: this API (previously called “Cloud API”) exports audience and traffic data, at the desired granularity (from one month down to one second).  
  • Monitoring API: this API outputs some monitoring values (such as percentage of light, CPU usage, presence of camera, etc). 

What are the benefits?

With the VidiCenter API pack:

  • Let VidiCenter do the heavy lifting (data collection, agregation, monitoring) and pull a clean data stream
  • Automate your export processes
  • Customize your data set
  • Build reactive workflows