Open Position: VP of Engineering

Our data platform is designed, managed and maintained internally by the Web and Data teams. Our technical stack is based on MySQL, Elasticsearch and Ansible for the back-office infrastructure and Django / Python for the front-end. Our servers are physical Ubuntu machines, hosted at Scaleway.

Quividi’s database contains an ever growing set of audience records collected over the entire globe; as we develop an increasing number of premium data services for our customers, we are facing new challenges that require us to rethink our approach to data ingestion, storage, and processing.

We are looking for a dynamic and enterprising candidate to join the Web & Data team in order to boost our existing platform and start rethinking our global data architecture. Among many, some of the open questions are:

  • Ingest more data: go from 200/s to 10,000/s by studying new database solutions
  • Analyze this data in a deeper and faster way
  • Re-evaluate and rethink our architectural choices: different engines, geographically distributed databases, new APIs
  • Perpetuate the legacy (60 billion events today) by considering architectures based on the Cloud
  • Develop new products (Dataviz, Prediction, Dashboards)

The ideal candidate would have a previous successful experience in database administration and in the design of large data systems. S/he will be expected to quickly rise to a leadership position in the team and have strong communication skills in English. 

About Quividi

Quividi is a world-leading company in solutions and services for the analysis and optimization of audience attention in public places.  Quividi combines proprietary image processing algorithms with a powerful back office that hosts and leverages billions of anonymous audience data records. Our customers are in over 50 countries and rely on Quividi’s solutions to invent tomorrow’s communication strategies for Digital Out of Home.

Quividi’s offices are located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, in a lively district well served by public transport. Our teams have a great deal of autonomy in their organization (work from home is possible a few days per month), enjoy pleasant working conditions and demonstrate a great productivity.


How to apply

Please apply by sending your resume at