Why VidiCube for Field Marketing Service Agencies?

VidiCube: The turnkey measurement device for convincing reports on your in-store promotions


VidiCube is an all-in-one audience and traffic measurement device designed to fit a wide range of missions: measuring attention and dwell time of passers by, counting and analyzing traffic patterns, qualifying visitors by gender and age, counting audiences of any point of interest or media.Coming as a diminutive, mobile device equipped with a discrete long range video sensor, it embeds top of the art video analytics algorithms which detect, track and qualify viewers, while fully respecting their privacy.The rich set of metrics are delivered in a private online dashboard which can be easily customized.Data can also be exported and mixed with 3rd party data such as sales data, for insightful performance indicators, or delivered upon request in branded reports.

Benefits for Field Marketing Service Agencies

  • Requiring no IT integration or technical expertise, no Internet connection, VidiCubes can be deployed in short delays.
  • Mix traffic, audience, coupon and sales data to demonstrate your promoters’ impact.
  • VidiCubes can be acquired to be used across all your campaigns, or rented for bespoke one-off projects.
  • Benchmark stores and promoters in automated reports.

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“Quividi has enabled us to understand our clients’ customer behavior like never before.”
Craig McKay, Account Director – CPM Australia

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