Programmatic Add-on

Programmatic trading requires accurate predictive data for the audience of a potential campaign, for the advertisers to commit budgets to DOOH networks. Quividi audience data is used by SSPs and DSPs as the IAB-compliant impression multiplier needed to instantly estimate the future audience of an ad and trade on sound basis. 

What are the benefits ?

High Fidelity

Deliver high fidelity predictive audience figures to the leading AdTech platforms (such as Hivestack, BroadSign Reach or Vistar Media).


Reflect the fine differences between each screen, at each hour of the week.


Use our scheduled tasks to upload daily refreshes of the impression multipliers into top adtech platforms


Ultimately, commend higher rates

What is the use case ?

Programmatic Trading

Trade all or part of your inventory on programmatic platforms. Quividi is already connected with the leading pDOOH DSP and SSP (Hivestack, BroadSign Reach, Vistar Media…).

What is included in this pack?


The generation of an “Average Unit of Audience” (AUA) file, ie the estimated potential audience of one content of a certain length – also known as the Impression Multiplier. It is provided for each screen, hour by hour for every weekday. This file is based on historical trends and is generated automatically.  It can further be broken down by demographics (gender * 7 age classes)

CMS Predictive API

The access to the CMS Predictive API. With this API, the CMS can query the local instance of VidiReports for its prediction of the potential audience for the upcoming next content. The returned values are similar to the ones provided in the AUA file, but benefit from the freshness of the real-time (such a burst due to weather conditions or a holiday).

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