Audience Measurement Platform

Quividi Audience Measurement Platform (AMP) relies on advanced face, footfall and vehicle detection AIs to produce real-time first-party audience impressions and engagement analytics for indoor and outdoor Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) and Retail Media networks.

Key Features

High-fidelity AI detection

Computer Vision and Neural Networks-based live detection and segmentation of all vehicles, bodies and faces passing in front of the screen, with 90% accuracy.

Campaign-based reports

Real-time audience impressions at the campaign level, if AMP integrates with the network’s Content Management System (CMS).

pDOOH integrations

IAB-compliant Impressions Multipliers already accepted by the largest programmatic DOOH Supply Side Platforms (SSP).

Designed for scale

Compatibility with any camera and the vast majority of digital signage players and CPUs. Solution easy to deploy and administer.

Core Solution & Add-Ons

Quividi AMP is composed of a core solution marrying VidiReports DOOH, a software that runs locally on the player attached to the screen, with VidiCenter a rich online back-office solution for analysis and management. 

This core solution can be enhanced with extra Add-ons that are activated with one click.

VidiReports DOOH

VidiReports DOOH is an edge software that transforms, in real-time, the video feed from a standard camera installed in a DOOH and Retail Media screen, into high-fidelity audience impressions and engagement data.


VidiCenter gives access to your audience impressions and engagement insights via detailed and fully customizable analytics dashboards and charts for any screens and campaigns. 

The Quividi AMP platform is designed in a modular way, making it possible to plug into it a series of Add-On products leveraging our APIs and Data Science to address specific business needs.


Quividi AMP provides audience impressions and segmentation (demographics & engagement) data for your DOOH and Retail Media screens and campaigns. It also gives you access to extra services (see the red arrows below) bringing additional capabilities and monetization avenues.



  • Gender
  • Age (absolute and within age brackets)
  • Dwell time
  • Attention time
  • Distance to the screen (with Interactivity Add-On)


We take privacy seriously

Quividi AMP platform relies on Data Protection by Design principles, and has been audited by data privacy and security third-party experts.

Ready to rely on first-party audience impressions for your DOOH & Retail Media?