Quividi AMP

The Audience Measurement Platform

When you add a camera to your digital signage display and plug your CMS into Quividi AMP Suite, you get a whole new type of digital signage which is crowd-interactive, fully-measured and privacy-safe.

The AMP platform can run across all screens in a network, or a sample of those screens.


By equipping 100% of screens, you get exact audience counts along with the benefits of real-time measurement and campaign interactivity.

Sampling & Extrapolation

By equipping a portion of your screens, you get statistically representative audience insights backed by Quividi data science.

One platform, Two components

The AMP platform is comprised of a local software designed to run on a Digital Signage player,
and an online service that supervises local instances and collects audience data.


This computer vision software transforms video from a standard camera into high quality audience data and meta-data which can be accessed in real-time via API or uploaded as anonymized stats in VidiCenter. 


This Web software runs in the cloud and manages all remote VidiReports instances and their data. It comes with built in analytics dashboards and charts and operations workflow such as licensing and health monitoring.


VidiReports is adaptable to nearly any computer, camera and configuration. It is reliable enough to include into your critical infrastructure. It is also globally-standard, which means you can trust the data and meta-data it generates.


The base software contains the functionality necessary to detect the audience and to securely transmit anonymized data to VidiCenter for analytics.
  • Opportunities To See / Traffic
  • Watchers / Viewability*
  • Dwell Time / Attention Time
  • Age bracket**
  • Gender


Add context to the audience data via an algorithm upgrade.
This additional metadata is available in VidiCenter analytics and locally with Real-Time API.
  • Audience Measurement features +
  • Exact age
  • Mood*
  • Glasses / Sunglasses
  • Facial Hair


VidiCenter is the Software that aggregates and organizes the data reported by all the VidiReports instances. This audience analytics data can be queried, organized into views, and shared securely with others. Its monitoring alerts and diagnostics empower the customer to ensure data flows uninterrupted.


The base contains all functionality to view the audience data generated by the VidiReports via analytics dashboards and live charts.
  • Global or by-location audience figures
  • Data refreshed every 30 minutes
  • CSV export


Customize the charts and layout of dashboards to create custom and private dashboards for location analytics and campaign reporting.
  • Up to 250 KPIs and one-click charts
  • Easy global configuration
  • Benchmark data series


Perform network management functions by organizing your network of measurement points and supervising operations
  • Remote rights management
  • Taxonomy and management of sensors
  • Monitoring and alerts

Also check the list of available VidiReports and VidiCenter APIs here.

Sampling & extrapolation

Market leading sampling approach to model your DOOH network audience
and enable you to trade programmatically on real audience measurement

VidiReports can be run on a portion of the total screens, while delivering results for the complete network in VidiCenter. This is a recommended approach when the technical, regulatory or budgetary context makes it impossible to equip all screens.

Based on over 40Bn+ datapoints, Quividi will recommend sampling sizes, that will guarantee that your network beats the accuracy levels expected by the advertising industry.

You’ll be getting extrapolated results for your campaigns and will be able to trade programmatically across all of your screens. 

Customers looking to implement real time campaigns will be advised to acquire our full coverage solution.