Performance Merchandising Platform

Quividi Performance Merchandising Platform (PMP) leverages AI and Computer Vision to optimize the conversion of merchandising campaigns along the physical shopper journey.  With PMP, Brands and Retailers understand the consumer behavior and conversion funnel of any equipped Point of Purchase (POP) display, allowing them to optimize shopper engagement and sales.

 Typical PMP locations are End caps (gondola ends), Category Product displays (food, beauty, consumer electronics), Digital Merchandising Units, Shop in Shop.

Key Benefits

Detailed Engagement Funnel

From walking past the shelf to buying one of the products, the 5 steps that a shopper goes through in the last few seconds of his/her journey are described with high accuracy and available in quasi-real-time.

Merchandising Impact Assessment

The platform provides rich insights to analyze each conversion from one step to the next by demographic group and benchmark merchandising campaigns, by POP locations and digital signage content.

Ease of Deployment

Quividi’s software platform comes pre-installed on hardware proposed by partners, making PMP a smooth and easy to deploy plug&play solution. 

Screen-based Shopper Engagement

PMP can leverage a video screen installed in a POP display to trigger messages contextualized to the shoppers’ demographics profile and lift & learn content related to a product pick.

Software Platform

Quividi PMP is composed of VidiReports Retail, a piece of software that runs on the PC in the store, and VidiCenter a rich back-office solution for management and analysis. Extra Add-Ons can be activated in one click to bring further Engagement capabilities and Data Science services to the mix.

VidiReports Retail

VidiReports Retail is an edge software that packs all of the necessary components to analyze in real-time the full engagement funnel in front of a point of purchase.


VidiCenter gives access to your shopper engagement dynamics via detailed and fully customizable analytics dashboards and charts for any POP and merchandising campaigns. 

The Quividi PMP platform is designed in a modular way, making it possible to plug into it a series of Add-On products leveraging our Interactive capabilities and Data Science to address specific business needs.


Quividi PMP lets you understand and optimize the performance of POP merchandising campaigns. Some extra services require our Add-Ons (see the red arrows below).


How many people walked by the shelf?
How many paid attention?
  • Impressions (Opportunities to See)
  • Actual watchers
  • Watchers over a certain dwell time & attention time
  • Gender
  • Age


How long did people stay and watch?
Did they pick up the product ?
  • Dwell and Attention time
  • Product pick up (interactions)
  • Product put back (hesitations)
  • Product purchase


Improve POP performance and manage data with full flexibility

Hardware Partners

Quividi PMP’s hardware is provided by partners. It includes a series of optical sensors that are attached to a shelving system, along with a tiny computer, and optionally a video screen to push content that can adapt to the shopper’s profile.

As opposed to complex ceiling-mounted customer tracking systems, PMP uses affordable hardware that can retrofit existing shelves, or can be embedded in digital merchandising units during factory production.

We take privacy seriously

Quividi PMP platform relies on Data Protection by Design principles, and has been audited by data privacy and security third-party experts.

Ready to optimize the performance of your Merchandising?