International Network
of Partners

We are actively developing an international network of partners which provide added value over our solution.

Our partners include:

  • Certified Resellers who integrate our solution with other components (screens, players, content, installation and/or marketing services) to provide turnkey offers to end customers
  • Agencies who create measurement and interactive campaigns powered by Quividi
  • Software Developers who use our APIs to enhance their solution
  • Hardware Manufacturers who embed our solution onto their devices

Certified resellers

Quividi recommends certified resellers to end customers, for their deep understanding of the Quividi solution gained through training, access to special resources and flexible licensing possibilities.

PArtner software developers

The top Content Manager Solutions for Digital Media have integrated with Quividi. These software suites instantly react to the profile of an audience and report the audience for each displayed content.

Partner hardware manufacturers

Quividi works with leading player & screen manufacturers to certify their devices and develop turnkey Quividi-enabled equipment.


Global marketing companies work with Quividi to rate audiences or create exciting campaigns that engage with visitors.

where are quividi's partners?

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All Quividi partners