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BrightSign is a leading manufacturer of digital signage players, known for their robustness and easy management.
So is Quividi: leading, robust and capable of handling large deployments.

With Quividi AMP Suite for BrightSign, you can now run real-time audience measurement along with the CMS of your choice, with a rapid roll-out and peace of mind.

With Quividi running on a BrightSign player:

Measure your network's impact

Get trusted figures to know precisely how many impressions you get from your network, store by store, hour by hour, as well as the profile of your audience.


Create audience-reactive content that appeals to your audience; learn how to increase the engagement with your content via actionable dashboards.

Respect privacy

Quividi’s platform has been built on Privacy by Design principles and has been audited by third-parties.

What BrightSign players are compatible?

VidiReports has specific installation packages for the following models with a USB port:

XD4 (1034) / XT4 (1144, 1144-T) 

XD3 (1033) / XT3 (1143)
4K (1042)

Quick and easy setup for large deployments

1. plug an USB camera into the player

2. Download the player's firmware from vidicenter

3. Add firmware and VidiReports directory on a SD card, plug it and reboot

4. Register your player in VidiCenter

More information on installation instructions here.

What CMS are integrated with Quividi on Brightsign players?

VidiReports can run alongside any CMS that is compabible with BrightSign players.
However, the following ones have developed specific integrations with VidiReports to extend the benefits of running live audience measurement on the players. Click on them for more information.

Ayuda (SPLASH)
BrightSign (BrightAuthor)
DISE International AB
icon multimedia (DS DENEVA CUATRO)

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