Quividi audience measurement platform for Signagelive

Signagelive is a global leader in the digital signage industry serving customers from small networks to multi-thousand site deployments across numerous countries and industries. 

Quividi’s AMP and Signaglive’s Digital Signage software are natively interfaced, making it easy for brands and retailers to deploy intelligent digital signage and retail media networks. 

Intelligent Retail Media made easy

Audience Data for
Retail Media

Leverage Quividi’s high-fidelity data to monetize your in-store screens, traditionally or programmatically.

Granular campaign reports

Access the most granular level of campaign performance data, with our Audience Per Content reports.

Real-time shopper engagement

Take full advantage of Signagelive and Quividi’s Interactivity add-on to power data-driven contextualized content that engages audience. 


Quividi’s platform has been built on Privacy by Design principles and has been audited by third-parties.

Real-time audience & content intelligence

“As our customers look to scale their Signagelive digital signage networks it is imperative they understand the effectiveness of their content and the impact on their viewers. Our integration with Quividi removes the guesswork by providing our customers with real-time analysis of media playback and audience impact delivering immediate and actionable insights.”
Jason Cremins, Signagelive CEO

Behind the scene: How the integration works

A specific technical document detailing those integrations is available in our knowledge base.

  • Audience Per Content data is available in Quividi’s VidiCenter, with a high level of granularity
  • All content data is automatically imported from each player, via VidiReports
  • HTML 5 interactive experiences using VidiReports Real-Time API can be run by Signagelive PC Client as a part of a Layout.
  • Such content within a layout can be run on a screen in a “domination” mode, taking full screen or only a part of it, alongside other elements.
  • Layout can be switched to another content (layout or playlist) using a schedule, which is controlled by Signagelive publishing workflow, or as a result of a trigger.

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