Quividi AMP Integrations with Content Management Systems and AdTech platforms

Content Management Systems (CMS) are a cornerstone of Digital Signage, allowing brands and network operators to display content across all their screens. CMS companies are Quividi’s natural partners, and many have integrated their solution with Quividi.

In a DOOH context, Programmatic Platforms play the role of exchange platforms that facilitate the trading of airtime. Quividi’s highly precise, granular and fresh data is also integrated with the top AdTech platforms.

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The Quividi solution is the most integrated Computer Vision solution for Digital Signage, with over 30 CMS and programmatic platforms having included Quividi’s APIs.

BrightSign (BrightAuthor)
Vistar Media

Rich integration capabilities

Quividi has the largest ecosystem of partner CMS, which have integrated with its platform, unlocking many benefits for their joint customers:

Content triggering
Get your content to react to the presence, profile and behavior of the audience
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Create engaging multi-stage interactive scenarios with HTML5 and a custom triggering logic, creating memorable experiences
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Campaign analytics
Dive into rich insights on the engagement of your campaigns’ elements and improve your impact
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Programmatic trading
Trade programmatically using rich, granular and contextually relevant impression multipliers.
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All-in-one integration
Benefit from a CMS that natively embeds Quividi audience measurement capabilities, for a turnkey experience
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Custom integration
If you have your own platform, create a tailored product powered by the Quividi data, technology and expertise
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