Women's Aid

- United Kingdom, 2015 -

In mid-2014, a leading UK out-of-home company launched a contest for creative agencies to come up with campaigns that would elicit a deep engagement with the audience; the campaigns were to be run on large video walls in city centers.

The agency WRCS won with the “Look at Me” proposal, a campaign for the charity Women’s Aid, that fights against domestic violence. On the screen, the face of a battered woman would progressively heal as more and more people showed to pay attention to the image. VidiReports was used to measure the aggregate attention.

The campaign was rolled out in March 2015 and won multiple awards, including a most prestigious Gold Lion in Outdoor and a Silver Lion in the Cyber category at the Cannes Lion competition.


  • VidiReports’ ability to process high definition IP video and to track tens of faces simultaneously made the campaign possible
  • Precise measurements showed a 349% increase in attention with respect to previous campaigns at the same site
  • The number of viewers paying at least 10 seconds of attention increased 2,500%
  • The campaign reached 327M people ultimately, thanks to the virality of that video and awards amplification.
"Quividi's technology bring us the ability to design even more immersive, more creative and elaborate targeted messages and on top of that the ability to prove the campaign effectiveness. It has allowed us to transform the gazes of passers-by into a weapon against conjugal violence in our Women's aid campaign"