Quividi is the pioneer and World #1 audience & campaign intelligence platform for DOOH & Retail Media

Quividi is the global reference for excellence in computer vision and Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA) for Outdoor Advertising and digital signage. We strive to make our audience analytics and interactivity platform accurate, auditable and privacy-safe.

An History of First

Inventor of Anonymous Video Analytics
First to invent campaigns triggered by the audience 
First to deploy more than 1000 seats in a network​
First to pass the 1B viewers analyzed mark
First to equip 10K screens
First to support a DOOH campaign that wins 2 Cannes Lions Awards

Women’s Aid campaign, created by WRCS

First to propose an attention benchmark for DOOH​
First to offer a calibration free solution​
First to run on 13Mpx camera
First to have its impressions multipliers ingested in a programmatic platform

Our management team

Our memberships

Quividi is proud to be part of the following trade associations initiatives

The global trade association promoting the DOOH industry
The few startups selected by BPI France to tackle the Chinese market
The selection of promising startups supported by the Paris region

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