VidiCenter API Add-On

Get access to a series of APIs to extract audience, traffic and monitoring data and ingest it into your own system. Feed your own dashboards, populate your Data Management Platform and cross Quividi data with other data in your possession.

What are the benefits ?

Clean Data

Let VidiCenter do the heavy lifting (data collection, agregation, monitoring) and pull a clean data stream


Automate your export processes


Export data out of VidiCenter for all your customizations needs


Build reactive workflows

What are the use cases ?

Export Screen Data

Export audience figures for all of your screens, with all the granularity required.

Export Content Data

Export audience per content figures (note that this requires the subscription of the Audience per Content add-on)

Create Alert Workflows

Create alert workflows based on the monitoring API

What is included in this pack?

Watchers and OTS API

This API exports audience and traffic data, at the desired granularity (from one month down to one second).

Monitoring API

This API outputs some monitoring values (such as percentage of light, CPU usage, presence of camera, etc).

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