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The video there above is the record of a presentation given by Jamie Ball, Chief Operating Officer, Media and Tim Hufford, Media Sales Director with Elan Media Group during Quividi’s Partner conference in February 2018.

Elan Media is a leading company specialized in crafting innovative communication and advertising landscapes in Qatar and the Middle-East. 

In 2017, they pioneered DOOH measurement in the region, by equipping almost 200 screens with Quividi’s Audience and Attention measurement platform. The screens are located in prestigious shopping malls, such as the Mall of Qatar and Doha Festival City.

Since the launch of the solution, Quividi’s data has had an impact not only on optimizing planning strategies but also on the creativity of advertisement with now a majority of animated content played on the DOOH network  (vs. mostly static content some months prior).

Elan Media and Quividi relied on their common partner AVT for the deployment of the Audience Measurement technology.

"We now sell impressions and eyes, we don't sell panels."
Tim Hufford, Media Sales Director, Elan Media
"Quividi's data allowed us to demonstrate that if you put crap copy up, it ain't going to work."
Tim Hufford, Media Sales Director, Elan Media
"Data helps us think better, plan better and optimize."
Jamie Ball, Chief Operating Officer, Media, Elan Media

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