Quividi audience measurement platform for Telelogos

Telelogos’ Media4Display digital signage software provides remote control and broadcast of multimedia contents in real-time to tens of thousands of screens worldwide.

By combining Quividi’s AMP Suite with Telelogos, brands and retailers are provided with a privacy-protecting solution that measures, optimizes and delivers data-driven contextualized content to better engage and convert audiences.

Quividi's AMP integration with Telelogos drives engagement and sales

Real-time audience

With Quividi’s Audience Per Content reports, get the most detailed audience dynamics for each of your content to better optimize your communication strategy.

Data-driven triggering

Trigger data-driven contextual creatives in real-time against your audience’s demographics to increase engagement and sales.

Programmatic DOOH

Embrace programmatic DOOH using Quividi’s Programmatic add-on together with Media4Display’s campaign module.  


Quividi’s platform has been built on Privacy by Design principles and has been audited by third-parties.

Behind the scene: How the integration works

A specific technical document detailing those integrations is available in our knowledge base.

  • Audience Per Content data is available in Quividi’s VidiCenter, with high level of granularity
  • All content data is automatically imported from each player, via VidiReports
  • HTML 5 interactive experiences using VidiReports Real-Time API will likely run in Media4Display, but it has not been formally tested.
  • Media4Display can trigger content based on the gender & age of the audience
  • Media4Display can trigger content based on the audience’s engagement (position, distance, mood, attention time)

Download the Quividi AMP suite brochure