Quividi audience measurement platform for Broadsign

Broadsign is making it easier than ever for media owners, agencies and brands to harness the power of digital out-of-home and connect with audiences across the globe.

Quividi’s AMP Suite integration with Broadsign’s CMS Broadsign Control and its programmatic platform Broadsign Reach, provide you with unique features to measure, optimize, deliver and transact data-driven campaigns to best engage and convert audiences, while respecting privacy.

Quividi's AMP integration with BroadSign provides unique features for DOOH

Granular audience data

Access the most granular level of campaign performance data, with our Audience Per Content reports.

Impression multiplier for pDOOH

Leverage Quividi’s Average Unit of Audience to sell your inventory programmatically on Broadsign Reach. 

Data-driven contextual triggering

Trigger data-driven contextual creatives in real-time against your audience’s demographics and engagement.


Quividi’s platform has been built on Privacy by Design principles and has been audited by third-parties.

Designed for scale and excellence

2700 + screens
powered by AMP for Broadsign
"Quividi's integration allows Broadsign customers to instantly display relevant ads for the intended audience. For our programmatic customers, the integration offers the intelligence required to bid programmatically with real-time impression data. Customers can benefit from post-campaign reports which generate accurate audience metrics for improved transparency and performance analysis."

Companies taking advantage of the Quividi - Broadsign integration

Behind the scene: How the integration works

A specific technical document detailing those integrations is available in our knowledge base.

  • Audience Per Content data is available in Quividi’s VidiCenter, with high level of granularity
  • All content data is automatically imported from each player, via VidiReports
  • HTML 5 interactive experiences using VidiReports Real-Time API can run within Broadsign.
  • Such content can either run on a screen in a “domination” mode, or as one content in a playlist.
  • The number of viewers per content is available in Broadsign’s Proof of Play reports.
    Those viewers can be further broken down per demographic group.
  • Broadsign can trigger content based on the audience’s gender & age.

Download the Quividi AMP suite brochure