Grandi Stazioni Retail

- Italy, since 2013 -

The video there above is the captation of a conference given by Marco Orlandi (Operations & Product Innovation Manager for Media & Advertising) in February 2018 on the use of the Quividi solution by Grandi Stazioni Retail.

Grandi Stazioni is the leading DOOH network in Italy in terms of aggregated audience. With large interactive screens installed in the halls and on the platforms of the top 7 Italian train stations, Grandi Stazioni reaches a yearly audience of 750 million people.

Starting in 2013, Grandi Stazioni has begun installing Quividi’s solution on their screens; several hundreds are already operational, with an end goal of 100% coverage.

Along with the consultancy company Dialogica, Grandi Stazioni has also designed a unique methodology combining Quividi’s data with GfK’s study on train travelers and a model of the circulation in the stations: the model allows for an estimate of the net audience and of the frequency of travelers grouped by lifestyle indicators.


  • The close integration with BroadSign makes it possible to propose interactive ads with campaign reports to announcers
  • Grandi Stazioni’s complete methodology and reach allows for the network to compete with cable and satellite channels for TV ad budgets, on a GRP basis
“The demographics and engagement metrics Measured by Quividi™ are key for us to bring to life our vision of the next stage for DOOH where advertisement is programmed and monetized at a fair value and can evolve as we have seen it in the online/mobile world”
Marco Orlandi, Head of Innovation and Digital Development