- Croatia, since 2014 -

Go2Digital is leading the transformation of Croatia’s DOOH advertising landscape. Established in 2014, it filled the gap by quickly installing 100 screens in major malls and premium outdoor locations before revitalizing Croatia’s public phone booths into communication hubs supported by advertising.

Today, Go2Digital boasts an extensive network of 378 cutting-edge screens and smart city kiosks spanning 35 cities and 28 top-tier malls and has effectively penetrated Croatia’s urban population, reaching close to 65 million impressions monthly. 

Go2Digital has pioneered Quividi’s Audience Measurement Platform in the country, empowering them to provide high-fidelity audience impressions and comprehensive performance insights for every campaign hosted on their network. 

Embracing innovation and data-driven strategies, Go2Digital also uses the Quividi platform to run audience-responsive interactive campaigns.

This approach ensures unparalleled efficacy in enhancing brand communication within Croatia’s evolving digital landscape. 

"Our exponential success in the last years is due to two things: offering an excellent, premium product and providing facts and data as output from each campaign"
Edin Pasalic, Co-Founder, CEO