AMP Outdoor

Quividi Audience Measurement Platform for Outdoor is an extraordinary breakthrough in accountability for outdoor displays, providing a high-fidelity, real-time measurement of impressions and engagement of DOOH campaigns.

This solution is optimal to measure the performance of downtown DOOH assets -e.g. roadside billboards, city kiosks, EV charging stations, shop window screens – with their mix of pedestrians and vehicles audiences.

Key Benefits

Real-Time Impressions

Calculate in real time precise impressions from vehicles and pedestrians. Conversion of vehicles into impressions are based on their type (car, SUV/truck, van, bus) and adjustable passenger per vehicle stats

Audience Engagement

Contextualize and optimize campaigns to increase audience engagement. Trigger the right content to the right audience or adjust your content in real-time to best address your targets. 

Privacy Respectful

Quividi’s platform has been built on Privacy by Design principles and has been audited by third-parties.

Leveraging Quividi's AI and Intel's OpenVINO

The platform is composed of Quividi’s computer vision software, VidiReports, and back-office platform, VidiCenter.

VidiReports integrates Intel’s OpenVINO latest neural networks, and uses a standard webcam or IP camera pointing at the intended audience to calculate in real time the impressions (vehicles and pedestrians) and dwell time, while also counting exactly how many people have actually looked at the media. 

Vehicles are further analyzed by type and color, and watchers by demographics and face contact (attention time).

Results are automatically aggregated in VidiCenter every 30 minutes and brought forward in unified dashboards and via APIs.

Key Features


Live Scene analysis: detection of all vehicles, bodies and faces passing in the field of view in real time

– Conversion of vehicles into impressions based on their type (car, SUV/truck, van, bus) and adjustable passenger per vehicle stats

– Dwell time for vehicles and bodies, attention time for watchers

– Gender and absolute age classification 

– Embedded web server for easy setup, advanced configuration, definition of working zones, etc.


Secure, encrypted data transmission

Self-configuring addition of remote units

Geo-mapped locations and alerts

Integrated dashboards, with easy configuration, customization of page layout and charts, and data boxes summarizing the main KPIs

Reports on impressions per content (requires native integration with CMS)

Three types of user accounts: manager (access to all features), user (configuration of dashboards) and viewer (read-only access to dashboards).

Easy CSV export and Rest API

AMP Outdoor Can Be Enhanced With:

Trade your audience automatically on programmatic platforms 


Create interactive campaigns that engage with the audience 

Extrapolate all your KPIs from a sample of screens equipped with cameras Create interactive campaigns that engage with the audience 

Deliver convincing audience reports for each content run on your screens 


Get in-depth insights on why a campaign performs and how to improve it


Export data out of Vidicenter for all your customization needs 


Download the Quividi AMP Outdoor Product Sheet