Understand Data for DOOH

Get to know how data brings transparency and accountability
and enables new monetization models for DOOH.


The role of data in the DOOH Publishing ecosystem

Compared to online advertising, DOOH is still in the process of establishing, fine-tuning and standardising industry-wide and generally accepted currencies, KPIs and data sources that all advertisers could rely on. We look into the underlying reasons why the data is so important to all the key DOOH industry players.


Discussing data sources used in DOOH

There are many data sources available to measure and optimize Digital-Out-Of-Home campaigns. We break them down and analyse challenges and opportunities associated with each of them.


Listing Metrics and KPIs in DOOH

We review the most important metrics and KPIs in Digital Out-of-Home advertising for trading and campaign performance tracking and explain how they compare to their online counterparts.


A brands' data journey in DOOH

Advertising efficiency is of paramount importance to any brand in their marketing strategy. To plan campaigns efficiently and evaluate their actual performance, marketers need data. We explain the metrics most commonly used to assess the effectiveness of DOOH campaigns.