Know all about Data for Retail Activation

Learn why data is instrumental to any successful media and signage deployment in retail.


Understanding In-Store Retail Media and its Data Stack

In-Store Retail Media is a new addition to Digital-Out-Of-Home. It is a physical equivalent of Online Retail Media, also a recent trend in advertising within online retailer sites and mobile applications. It is DOOH on the Retail store canvas, we dig into it.


Enabling Data-Driven Communication With Shoppers

In a previous article we discussed the emergence and power of Retail Media as a new advertising channel. However, digital screens became a common fixture in retail stores long before that, when retailers started experimenting with the replacement of their static signage with connected digital displays. We explain the benefits and capabilities.


No Screen - No Problem: Data Stack For In-Store Customer Flow And Behaviour Analytics

Video Analytics and sensor technologies enables a rich set of metrics for all aspects of DOOH and Digital Signage. However, when it comes to Retail stores, they have an even larger demand and capacity for data and analytics, beyond screens and screen audiences, and many of those requirements can be satisfied with a similar set of technologies. Let’s find out.