DPAA Video Everywhere Summit 2016 Report

What a great DPAA Summit !

Here’s what we learned:

The media industry is shifting from legacy models to a new mobile + OOH model
In-home advertising is yesterday’s business. Brands are now engaging the new “mobile OOH audiences” on their smartphone and Digital Place-Based screens.
Out-of-Home is where the action and innovations take place.

Audience-first is the new paradigm, Video the new format
In today’s very fragmented media industry, the discussion shouldn’t be about which channel to use, but which audience to target. Start with the people, not the channel.
Video is more than ever the dominant communication format – “we live in the Golden era of video”. Video is Everywhere.

Brands are mixing Media, Data and Technology to better contextualize their communication and take advantage of “moments”/ “occasions”
With data and insights, every moment has become actionable. DPB networks need to invest in actionable data (Quividi data, mobile behavioral data…) to help brands better engage with their audiences, over time or in real time.
Brands eventually will need “to unlock the power of people data to achieve transformational business growth”.

It’s all about attention and engaging a discussion
“Fighting for Attention is the post advertising era ». Brands need to engage audience through great content, start a discussion and eventually build a new relationship.
Networks need to help them by providing new forms of engagement, new forms of advertising. 

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