From 6″ to 600″: Quividi now measures audiences for all sizes of digital signage screens

From 6″ to 600″: Quividi now measures audiences for all sizes of digital signage screens

Paris, March 4th 2015 – Quividi, the world leader in automated audience measurement for digital signage, announces that it has completed its product line deployment to now encompass tablets, as well as very large screens.

The Quividi software suite, VidiReports, has been ported to support the large family of ARM processors, which are dominant amongst tablets, whether running on Android, Linux or Windows. In the same vein, this software will now run on Apple iPads as well. It encompasses the same robust face detection, face tracking and face classification algorithms as on the x86 platform.

The solution is made available as an SDK to partners developing applications on those tablets, in order for the applications to react instantly to visitors glancing to them, adapt content depending on their gender and age, combine touch navigation with demographics data for more insight on who is interested in what – or more simply to just know how many people are walking by and are paying attention to the tablet.

“Tablets are going to become a common device on retail shelves”, predicts Olivier Duizabo, the CEO of Quividi. “We’re eager to work with our hardware and software partners to help brands and retailers understand and engage audiences in those crucial last 3 feet to purchase”.

At the other end of the spectrum, Quividi has also scaled its solution to work with very high definition cameras, adapted to the measurement of audiences up to 100 feet away. By using professional IP or USB 3 cameras, several dozen viewers can be detected and analyzed at once. Provided an Intel i7 type of processor be available, VidiReports will still run on the media player, alongside the content management software.

“Measuring large videowalls or LED screens in places like airports, train stations or city centers is highly desirable, since these media can impact large audiences and command substantial ad rates”, says Olivier Duizabo. “Our solution provides an accurate and real time assessment of the number of by-passers and on-lookers and how long they engage with a particular media. As such, it nicely complements the other industry panels, which provide audience estimates for all outdoor media in a country, but often on a quarterly basis and based on a limited number of panelists”.

Quividi is currently engaged in a number of projects involving these large screens, for uses in audience counting and interactive applications.

About Quividi:
Quividi provides a real-time video analytics solution that helps media owners, retailers, and brands finely count and qualify their audiences. Using the latest face and body detection technique and standard webcams, the Quividi solution delivers exhaustive metrics on viewers, opportunities to see, attention time, and demographics in a completely anonymous fashion and without ever recording any image or personal data.
Located in both California and France, Quividi pioneered the anonymous face detection category in 2006 and is the world leader in Digital Out Of Home audience measurement, with customers in over 46 countries and more than 3 billion faces analyzed.
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