- Taiwan, since 2011 -


7-Eleven is a global leading convenience store chain, with 83,000 stores globally. In 2011, they decided to deploy a retail media network spanning 7,000 screens in their Taiwanese stores. All screens are equipped with Quividi’s audience measurement platform.


7-Eleven intended to leverage Quividi’s screen-by-screen hourly audience analysis to enhance the relevance their in-store communication. They decided to optimize the scheduling of their content loop, by matching the campaigns being played with the dominant demographic group in front of the screens, to increase customer engagement.

They also wanted to open their network to third-party advertising and monetize it using Quividi’s high-fidelity audience impressions.  


By playing the most relevant content for each demographic group, 7-Eleven was able to drive higher audience engagement and substantial sales uplift for the promoted products.

The network also became a powerful advertising channel for 7-Eleven retail partners, where they can efficiently and contextually promote their own products and services.