- USA, 2020 -

This video is an extract of our “Smart Machines in Retail” webinar that can be accessed here.


adPlanet is the leading digital out-of-home media network located in retail and grocery stores in the USA. Serving 115 markets with 6700 locations, adPlanet delivers 1.9 billion impressions monthly, giving brands unparalleled access to grocery audiences at scale. 

Quividi is the pioneer and World #1 audience & campaign intelligence platform for DOOH & Digital Signage, with 600+ customers analyzing billions of shoppers every month, across tens of thousands of screens.


In mid-2020, the topic of opening adPlanet to programmatic platforms surfaced. With it would come several benefits: reaching a wider set of advertisers, serving automatically at a cheaper operational cost, and trading at rates optimized to serve the demand for the best possible price.
At this moment, delivering reliable Impression Multipliers (IM) to the adtech platforms became a hot topic and adPlanet sought out to find partners that would assist them in this mission critical task.
They selected Quividi to provide high-fidelity impressions multipliers and provide brands with the ability to carry out targeting with very high precision.


adPlanet selected Quividi’s Sampling and Extrapolation solution to get high-fidelity audience data for its 6,700-screen network.

Sampling & Extrapolation, the market-leading sampling approach to model a DOOH network’s audience, estimates the minimum number of screens needed to collect audience data to then extrapolate the audience accurately to the entire network.

The two partners selected a sample of representative screens that guaranteed that the network beat the accuracy levels expected by the advertising industry.

The approach also enabled adPlanet to perform the deployment of the Quividi solution in a matter of weeks and save on capital costs.

“Quividi enriches Coinstar’s adPlanet data stack with first-party audience data. Quividi data also enables adPlanet to transact its inventory programmatically, providing marketers with a flexible and agile solution to reach shoppers at the point of sales.”

Bob Corkery, Head of Advertising sales , adPlanet