- United Kingdom, since 2012 -

Amscreen is one of the leading digital signage operators in Europe with thousands of screens, generally placed by the cash register in gas stations and convenience stores. Amscreen’s next generation display are equipped with an embedded camera and with Quividi’s software as they roll out of the factory; Amscreen’s proprietary CMS tightly integrates with Quividi.

Amscreen rebranded Quividi’s technology as ‘Optimeyes’ and heavily markets it as a competitive advantage. It has also launched the innovative “Assured Audience Advertising” project that uses predicted audiences by gender, age and store, to optimize media plans.


  • Amscreen delivers an extraordinarily precise campaign report to its advertisers, including total viewers, demographics, top regions, etc.
  • With the “Assured Audience Advertising” initiative, Amscreen offers advertisers the possibility to pay only for a targeted demographic group, with a guarantee of reach
"It is time for a step-change in the Outdoor world and it is great to see that, together with Quividi’s technology, we are bringing the industry into the 21st century."
Simon Sugar, CEO, Amscreen
"It [the decision to equip all of its screens with Quividi’s technology] is revolutionary not because the technology hasn’t been used before but because of the [study’s] sheer scale and size, and because it’s a permanent, rather than temporary, installation. It’s a positive initiative."
Caroline Nugent, Head of Digital, Kinetic UK