- SINGAPORE, 2022 -


Clear Channel Singaporea high-growth, digital and tech-led company, operates one of the world’s largest D/OOH network of bus and taxi shelters across the island. In 2020, the company launched its programmatic service, OutSmart Pro, using quarterly audience data.

Quividi is the pioneer and World #1 audience & campaign intelligence platform for DOOH & Digital Signage, with 600+ customers analyzing billions of shoppers every month, across tens of thousands of screens.


Clear Channel Singapore wanted to improve the recency of the audience data used by OutSmart Pro, by being the closest ever to live impressions.
They selected Quividi’s AMP Outdoor solution to measure, in real-time, pedestrians and vehicles passing in front of their digital screens in bus shelters.

Clear Channel Singapore deployed the Quividi platform in its 250+ digital bus shelters to analyse pedestrians and vehicles and calculate impressions and dwell time in real-time, counting exactly how many people have been exposed to advertisements at specific locations, by the days of the week or by the hours of the day.

The platform offers precise estimates of 95% accuracy and enables the calculation of IAB-compliant Impressions multipliers (IMs). 

The IMs are uploaded automatically and every day by Quividi to Clear Channel Singapore’s programmatic partners Vistar Media and Hivestack.

With Quividi, Clear Channel Singapore managed to improve OutSmart Pro’s data recency, moving from what was once a quarterly data to now a 7-day data, an Asia’s market first.

“Being able to come this close to real-time audience reflection is a huge step up. We will continue to pioneer and own the pDOOH space.”  

Kelly Khoo, Chief Executive Officer, Clear Channel Singapore

“Clear Channel Singapore has been a pioneer of programmatic DOOH and is solidifying its place by tapping into a near-real time audience. Vistar Media partners with innovators who are looking to bring online practices to screens in the physical world and Clear Channel is taking the next step. We are extremely excited to tap into Quividi’s granular metrics to bring further precision targeting to our advertisers and agencies in Singapore.” 

Franck Vidal, Director of Southeast Asia Sales & Partnerships, Vistar Media