-SERBIA, since 2019-


Delhaize Serbia is the largest retail chain in Serbia with 400+ grocery stores across the country. It is owned by Ahold Delhaize, one of the world’s largest food retail groups operating 6,700 local grocery, small format and specialty stores in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Greece, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Romania, Serbia and the United States as well as in Indonesia and Portugal through joint ventures.

Fifth Screen designs digital signage experiences that engage consumers at the point of purchase, with targeted, immersive and dynamic content. At the forefront of the digital signage innovation, they offer the most advanced digital signage design services in the Balkans and have chosen Quividi as their preferred Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA) partner.

NDS is a digital signage pioneer, having developed its first digital signage solution in 1994. Today, they provide PADS4, one of the leading digital signage software platforms, powering 500,000+ screens in more than 75 countries. Two market leaders, NDS and Quividi have been partnering for 10+ years.


Delhaize Serbia wanted to equip a selection of high profile stores in Belgrade and Novi Sad with a state of the art digital signage network, that would address contextually-relevant promotions to shoppers in order to increase in-store traffic and sales.

One of Delhaize’s requirements was to deploy an anonymous video analytics system that could measure the audience and impact of its messaging and provide actionable insights to optimize its digital signage communication strategy.


Fifth Screen orchestrated the entire project, from planning and strategy to deployment and maintenance. A total of 213 screens across 73 stores were installed and positioned at the entrance of the shops as well as in the fresh and deli areas. 

NDS’s PADS4 was the CMS chosen to centrally manage the content across the entire digital network.  

Delhaize Serbia and Fifth Screen selected Quividi’s audience & campaign intelligence platform to provide anonymous analytics and insights at the content-level. Delhaize Serbia’s legal team first checked Quividi’s compliance with the GDPR, the world’s most stringent data privacy legislation, before approving the choice of Quividi’s Audience Video Analytics solution.

NDS and Quividi being long time partners, PADS4 and Quividi’s platform had already an integration in place. The two software solutions sit on the same player and interface seamlessly to support content-level interactions.

With Quividi, Delhaize knows, in real-time, the number of viewers and impressions, broken down by demographics (age, gender) as well as the attention time of each of the content played. With these insights, they can make sure to play the messages that resonate best with their shoppers, at any given time.

Finally, by connecting Quividi’s data to their sales data, they can also understand which promotions are the most effective to increase the average basket size, and optimize their content strategy to deliver the best ROI.

With this project, Delhaize Serbia operates the largest smart retail media network in Eastern Europe.

Source image: Fifth Screen