- United Kingdom, since 2015 -

Harrods is the largest department store in London, known worldwide for its near limitless selection of luxury products over 7 floors.

Harrods is using VidiCubes to assess the visual traffic and attention paid to large screens and videowalls placed at the top of the escalators on each floor. It can then provide a reading of the impact of a campaign to its advertisers.


  • Advertisers receive a convincing audience campaign report
  • Harrods obtains a per-floor estimate of the number of visitors
  • VidiCube’s compact form factor make it possible to quickly relocate the device to any given point of interest
“Here at Harrods, we continually aim to be at the forefront of luxury retail and this also filters through to the marketing channels we make available to the brands we work with. Working with Quividi, we are now able to offer detailed data to our key brand partners – ensuring the in-store marketing strategy that we develop for them is even more targeted and efficient.”
Guy Cheston, Director of media sales