Digital Experiential Media Network

USA, 2017

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Digital Experiential Media Network, most known as Innovative Foto, is the largest experiential kiosk network in North America. With over 2,200 photo booths around the United States, they reach 30 million consumers per year.

In 2017, Innovative Foto started partnering with Quividi to receive useful insights of the traffic and characteristics of people around their units. 

In order to confirm their messaging was enticing and resonating with the audience, they also decided to run a two-week test where they analyzed the audience around one kiosk and then compared it to the purchasing and interactions times within the booth. 

With the audience data from week one, Digital Experiential Media Network had the goal during week two, to optimize the creative content played on the screen to better target the audience that was around the booth. This would be measured by tracking the changes to the attraction rate and measuring any impact on purchases. The results were impressive: the vends increased by over 24%.

The test, originally on one site, has since been rolled out to almost 100 locations, all running Quividi.

Innovative Foto and Quividi produced a report detailing the initiative, which can be downloaded below.

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Download the full report now to see how Innovative Foto increased retail purchases at their vending machines by over 24% by using audience analytics powered by computer vision from Quividi.

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