- New-Zealand, 2022 -


LUMO Digital Outdoor is New Zealand’s only nationwide premium pure-play digital media network, shaking up the traditional out-of-home media industry with innovative and creative thinking paired with its own ground-breaking technology.

Quividi is the pioneer and World #1 audience & campaign intelligence platform for DOOH & Digital Signage, with 600+ customers analyzing billions of shoppers every month, across tens of thousands of screens.


LUMO wanted to offer brands, advertisers and agencies an unrivalled ability to accurately plan and buy DOOH with the full scheduling flexibility offered by programmatic, cost efficiency and genuine accountability.
They selected Quividi to access real-time dwell data to complement their LENS datasets and to complete the ‘impressions multiplier formula’ – the universal formula adopted for NZ based DOOH suppliers activating their screens through ad servers or via Supply Side Platforms programmatically.


LUMO deployed roadside-based cameras facing oncoming road traffic, installed on each of their screens, together with Quividi’s solution to measure the number of seconds each vehicle is present in the camera view.

Quividi streams the data 24/7 from each site back to LUMO, which combines it with its LENS’ data to calculate IAB-compliant Impression multipliers.

The near-live impressions multiplier outputs are then pushed daily to LUMO’s SSP partners, Hivestack and Vistar Media for programmatic trading.

“This partnership debunks the way we’ve always measured DOOH campaigns and sets the benchmark for true transparency and results-based outcomes. We believe this is the future of reporting accountability for our industry and LUMO is pleased to be a driving force behind this model.” 

Jack Plowright, LUMO GM Programmatic Head