How Quividi’s Content Intelligence Enables Brands to Power Successful Drive-to-Store Campaigns

How Quividi’s Content Intelligence Enables Brands to Power Successful Drive-to-Store Campaigns

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) and Digital Signage screens are a fantastic drive-to-store medium. Strategically positioned along the customer journey, they are an ideal channel to convert Out-Of-Store audiences into store visitors and shoppers.

Because most of Quividi’s end-customers operate in retail environments – from best in class malls (Scentre in Australia, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield or Simon Malls in the US…) to large train stations (Grandi Stazioni in Italy), passing through Department Stores (Harrod’s in the UK), our platform has successfully powered many of those.

Quividi’s Audience & Campaign Intelligence platform is all about driving audience engagement with AI-powered contextual content. When brands engage consumers during their customer journey – when they walk the alleys of a mall or of a train station for instance – they want to make sure that their communication is on an “always-relevant mode” to optimize their chances to drag the audience to their stores. They need this last trigger that entices the audience to them.

In 2018, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield and Quividi decided to leverage Quividi’s platform content contextualization ability to run a 2-week campaign that aimed at driving in-store traffic and sales for two of their tenants: Aldo, an international Canadian shoes and accessories manufacturer and retailer with nearly 3000 stores worldwide, and PANDORA, an international Danish premium jewelry manufacturer and retailer with more than 7,800 stores.

The two retailers produced contextualized ads that were each promoting a product tailored for the target audiences. The Quividi’s platform was used to detect the audience demographics in real time and inform the CMS to trigger the right ad to the right demographic at the right moment.

The results showed how impactful Quividi’s platform is for brand retailers and their drive-to-store strategies: Aldo’s targeted ads drove a +31% increase in attention time and a +11% increase in basket size in-store, while Pandora’s targeted ads yielded a +17% uplift in attention time and +16% increase in the number of transactions.

Another example of a successful drive-to-store campaign was the somehow more complex and experiential approach that we conceived for GMC, in 2016. Quividi with its partners Posterscope USA, EYE Corp Media and Engage M1 designed and executed an 8-week campaign for the new GMC Acadia that was engaging visitors of an LA mall with more than 200 fun & creative pieces of content.

The different videos were promoting the virtues of the vehicle, but also featured a number of interactive games, both for children and adults, like Simon Says and a virtual staring contest. All of those were designed to further deepen engagement and maximize viewer interaction with the screens.

Here again, the results were impressive with a +50% increase in the number of visits to the GMC car dealership at the mall.

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