Meet Quividi’s Global Leadership Team at #CannesLions

Meet Quividi’s Global Leadership Team at #CannesLions

Quividi is attending this year’s Cannes Lions, introducing its creativity, viewability and programmatic lines of DOOH products and services.

In partnership with Clear Channel Outdoor Americas and Clear Channel International, Quividi is showcasing two creative demonstrations in their experiential ‘Playground’, next to the Grand Hotel:

Eye Care What You Wear with Kirk&Kirk and Bastard.London

Quividi and Bastard.London – creators of contextual photographic experiences – have teamed up with luxury eyewear brand, Kirk&Kirk, to deliver personalised, contextually triggered content to digital screens in the Clear Channel Playground.

The screen will invite an individual toward the screen and – by collecting information around three data points, through a video sensor – 1. Gender recognition 2. Colour recognition 3. Does the user wear glasses – will display a personalised piece of eyewear to match the style of the person in front of the display.

For example, if a (1) woman with a (2) red shirt (3) not wearing glasses is in front of the screen, then the female model and red pair of sunglasses is displayed, if it’s a (1) man with a (2) blue shirt, (3) wearing glasses then the male model and blue pair of glasses is displayed.

SnapDOOH: You’re Cannes Lions worthy, now everybody else knows!

Quividi will be inviting people to the Playground to have their picture taken in front of a digital OOH screen. The sensor taking the picture will analyze the person in front of it and dynamically award a humorous accolade depending on what’s on the screen. For instance, a man with a stylish beard may be awarded the “Top Hipster Award”. The best looks and personalised displays will make it onto Le Grand Screen, along with a quirky accolade.

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