How Quividi’s Campaign Intelligence Optimized Westfield Shoppers’ Engagement For The Launch Of The Samsung Galaxy S10

Optus, Australia’s second-largest telecommunications group and BrandSpace – a specialist division of Scentre Group, owners and operators of the Westfield Living Centre portfolio in Australia and New Zealand, partnered with Quividi, the World #1 audience & campaign intelligence platform for Digital Out of Home (DOOH), to optimize the recent launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 Smartphone.

To promote the new handset to different demographic audiences, Optus used The Scentre Group BrandSpace SmartScreen Network, a media portfolio of thousands of screens located within Westfield Living Centres, all equipped with Quividi’s technology. They wanted to test how Quividi’s suite of audience and brand new Campaign Intelligence products would help enhance the targeting of the campaign, increase shoppers’ engagement and provide valuable insight to finetune their DOOH communication strategy moving forward.

 An A/B test was devised across 20 Westfield Living Centres. In 10 of the selected ‘test’ centres, tailored artwork was triggered in real-time using Quividi’s technology to target and engage each of Optus’ audience profiles: young females, mature females, young males, mature males and families. The 10 ‘control’ centres displayed a generic Optus advertisement. 

The results of this approach were significant. Serving targeted messages created higher engagement and cut-through with a 65% increase of watchers per play compared to the network benchmark and a 29% uplift in average attention time from the target audiences. The contextualization strategy also led to higher campaign efficiency: 73% of the total campaign audience saw a targeted creative. 

But what made this campaign a first-of-a-kind in Australia was the use of Quividi’s Campaign Intelligence to gain richer insights and analysis of all audience dynamics, enabling attribution of the effects of the contextualized content strategy and its impact on brand engagement and in-store behaviour.

 “The campaign has exceeded our expectations, with real-time optimization driving a measurable increase in views, engagement and efficiency”, said Angela Greenwood, Director Acquisition & Customer Marketing, Optus. “Based on the successful results we have seen, we are really excited to extend this, try new things, tailor different products to different demographics and really test out this technology to its limits.”

“In partnering with Quividi and Optus for this campaign, we now have tangible evidence that we are capable of engaging with specific audiences in the most effective way”, said Lauren Mullane, Group Manager – Sales, Scentre Group Brandspace. “No advertising is perfect, but smart application of technology which maximizes the opportunity to speak to the audience we need to speak to is the Holy Grail.”

“With Quividi’s Campaign Intelligence, Optus and Scentre Group BrandSpace were able to analyze all the audience dynamics in real-time and understand in detail how each audience reacted to the campaign”, concluded Laetitia Lim, Quividi’s COO. “That’s really valuable insight to optimize any DOOH communication strategy”.

A comprehensive written case study of the campaign is accessible here:

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