Professional Services

Quividi support levels

The Quividi Customer Experience Team delivers the following services:

  • Standard Support: offered to all customers, it provides access to a Knowledge Base, video tutorials, and a ticketing system to help solve issues.
  • Silver Support: this paying support level provides live support and assistance in advanced configuration, integration and data interpretation.
  • Operational Excellence Support: this superior service level involves regular reviews of all machines equipped with VidiReports, and custom monitoring processes, in order to aim for a 100% uptime of the Quividi solution.

Please see typical terms of support here.

Thought leadership program

In addition, the Quividi Consulting Team offers a Thought Leadership Program to pioneering companies that are part of the Quividi Consortium.

This program tackles a unique challenge, such as:

  • Demonstrating the sales attributed to a campaign
  • Identifying the uplift in efficiency induced by targeted content
  • Discovering the audience viewing behaviour for each content
  • Integrating with 3rd party data using best-in-class data science

With this program, Quividi customers have a strong competitive advantage with advertisers and agencies who are very data-driven and are looking to prove return-on-investment.