Quividi demonstrates Shopper Analytics Experience at MPV Paris

Quividi teams up with Amoobi and Digital-One to demonstrate Shopper Analytics at Marketing Point de Vente for Luxury & Beauty, Banks, Showrooms & Dealerships (Telecoms/Automotive…) and CPG companies.

From April 1-3, Quividi exhibited at the MPV Retail Show in Paris with partners Amoobi and Digital One.

MPV is the event for retail marketing professionals and is organized every year in Paris by Reed Expositions on behalf of POPAI France. This business event brings together all the professions involved in analyzing, triggering and facilitating the act of buying for the shopper, with more than 15,000 visitors for the 258 exhibitors. For 31 years, MPV has identified market trends and moved with the evolution of large companies.

With the evolution of online and mobile commerce, brands and retailers are working on reinventing the store of the future: during that process they need to validate if a given physical layout works well with their client, as well as to what promotional strategy works (what is the optimum content strategy whether in Digital Signage, POP, window dressing etc.)

Quividi demonstrated during the event the capabilities of its VidiReports and VidiGates technologies in order to provide an accurate count of visitors at various points inside the stores, the demographic targets as well as the attention towards specific points of interest, whether a screen, POP material, a shelf, or  windows. Combined with data gathered from other sensors such as Amoobi’s, this information remains completely anonymous and no personal data is ever recorded, yet provides a new level of intelligence onto how consumers flow in the store, how they shop, what they pay attention to, and on the efficiency of a new layout or a given promotional strategy . Those numbers can be correlated with sales number to provide unique insights on the attractiveness, the effectiveness, the customer loyalty at the point of Sales and allow a fine understanding on what can be done to improve the shopper’s experience and optimize the store operations.

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