QUIVIDI Social Care Platform

The Social Care Platform is a line of products intended to help physical spaces communicate smartly with visitors,
in times when the recent COVID crisis has gotten visitors cautious and changed many of their habits.

With advanced anonymous computer vision techniques and strong integration with CMS,
Quividi intends to let retailers, mall operators, hospitality venues and offices “adapt to the new normal“.


The first product of the SCP platform is VidiAccess.


VidiAccess is a software solution for digital signage, that enables location owners to automatically regulate the occupancy of their venue, in particular in the times of post-pandemic recovery.

The system aggregates traffic counting from cameras above entrance and exit gates and compares it to an occupancy threshold. It displays easy to understand signs for visitors.

This flexible solution is intended for retail stores, supermarkets, commercial centers, hotels, cruise ships, office buildings, etc.

What comes in the solution

  • One counting system per entrance using virtual tripwires (for use with IP cameras placed right above entrances)
  • One module aggregating entries and exits and comparing it with a threshold
  • One HTML application to be shown on one or more digital signage screen(s)
  • One instant monitoring interface for the staff, available on mobile phones or computer
  • One online dashboard for long term trends reporting


  • VidiAccess can be combined with other Quividi video analytics solutions (eg mask detection, social distancing, triggering based on behavior or profile). Note however these require an add-on camera placed above the digital signage screen.
  • VidiAccess can run on digital signage players, CMS and screens already deployed in the venue .
  • It can also be delivered as a disk image for a bootable USB key, with a nimble Linux OS and VPN control tools, for simpler installation.


on costs

Save on the cost and burden of dedicating a member of the staff for trafficking at each gate


Leverage the entrance screen to convey brand and product information to visitors, along with social distanciation messages


Staff can see (and adjust if needs be) the calculated occupancy in real time on their smartphone


Management can verify that occupancy regulations are observed and check traffic evolution, store by store or across all branches