Quividi audience measurement platform for Scala

Scala‘s digital signage platform, one of the most widely deployed worldwide, gives marketers and retailers total control over how and where content is played across a network of screens.

If Scala and Quividi’s platforms are not natively interfaced, several system integrators have completed an integration to enable an extra layer of audience & campaign intelligence. The integration provided by Quividi’s AMP for Scala makes it possible for marketers and retailers to measure, optimize and deliver data-driven content that best engages and converts audiences, while respecting privacy.

The Quividi - Scala integrations optimize retailers' communication

Audience data for Retail Media

Leverage Quividi’s high-fidelity data to monetize your in-store screens, traditionally or programmatically.

Granular campaign reports

Access the most granular level of campaign performance data, with our Audience Per Content reports.

Data-driven contextual experiences

Combine Scala Designer and Quividi’s Interactivity add-on to engage your audience with data-driven personalized offers and experiences.


Quividi’s platform has been built on Privacy by Design principles and has been audited by third-parties.

Contextualization at scale

2200 + screens
powered by AMP for Scala

Companies taking advantage of the Quividi - Scala integration

Behind the scene: How the integrations work

  • Scala does not natively support VidiReports RT API.
  • However, several integrators have managed to easily create campaigns in Scala Designer that can be triggered based on the gender & age of the audience, provided by VidiReports.
  • Scala does not natively integrate VidiReports’ Audience per Content API.
  • However, several integrators have managed to integrate completely this API to get Audience Per Content dashboards in VidiCenter or to easily add the number of viewers per content in proof of play reports on Scala Content Manager.
    Those viewers can be further broken down per demographic group.
  • HTML 5 interactive experiences cannot be run on a Scala Player. Those campaigns must be created with Scala Designer and activated using the RT API 

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