How Quividi’s Content Intelligence Helps Brands Cut Through the Noise And Drives Attention

How Quividi’s Content Intelligence Helps Brands Cut Through the Noise And Drives Attention

Consumers living in a city see up to 5,000 ads every single day. Or is it « only » 700? Difficult to know exactly but the bottom line is the same: for a brand, cutting through the clutter and be heard, seen, understood by consumers is a growing challenge.

Fortunately, Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) and Digital Signage have great DNA to tackle this. Being a physical medium, they impose themselves naturally to the audience and are best placed to address audiences on the go and/or at the stores, including the difficult-to-reach millennials.

At least, in theory. As explained in our previous article, communication on out-of-home and retail screens is often non-optimal.

Being able to correctly contextualize a message at each step of the customer journey has proven to be a difficult task that few in the industry have managed to address.

That’s precisely where Quividi’s Audience & Campaign Intelligence brings value: it helps marketers understand the audience exposed to a campaign and/or to a screen in order to always play the most relevant content possible.

How Quividi optimizes brands’ communication along the customer journey 

On large outdoor screens, Quividi’s platform brings that layer of contextual interactivity that enables high impact creative campaigns. Marketers will play with some of Quividi’s engagement analytics – such as the estimated mood or the attention time of the crowd – to engage the maximum number of people and increase the talkability of the campaign.

WCRS & Ocean Outdoor’s unique experience for Women’s Aid not only managed to address a large number of the passers-by but also generated more than 85M Twitter mentions, which amplified further the campaign awareness.

On indoor totems, marketers usually want to target audiences more precisely to increase engagement. They use Quividi’s Content Intelligence to segment the consumers passing the screens in order to trigger the best messages to the most relevant audience at any given time. In retail environments, this approach is a great fit with drive-to-store initiatives. 

Contrary to highly creative campaigns that might require a significant amount of time to produce, these targeting approaches can be done really easily and achieve immediate outcomes as we’ll show in a future blog post

Finally, in-store, marketers want to push the needle further by constantly adapting the message to the audience and convert visitors into shoppers. One easy way to do that is by using Quividi’s real-time A/B testing capabilities, which will dynamically optimize the content and ensure its effectiveness.

As you can see, the field of possibilities is large. Contact Quividi now to see how our platform can answer your needs and help you cut through the clutter.

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