How to Use Quividi’s Content Intelligence for Your Targeting and Get Immediate Outcomes

How to Use Quividi’s Content Intelligence for Your Targeting and Get Immediate Outcomes

In the past few years, Quividi has powered many data-driven contextualized campaigns on Digital Signage screens on on Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) networks, with various degrees of sophistication. This has given us the chance to learn that you don’t necessarily need much to start leveraging the capabilities of Quividi’s Audience & Campaign Intelligence platform and have a strong impact on your campaigns.

As you may know, one of the key benefits of our platform is that it makes it possible to show the right content to the right audience at the right time.

There are two ways to achieve this:
(1) use our data & analytics to optimize the planning & programming of the content loop or
(2) use our platform’s triggering capability to play personalized content to the target audience, in real-time.

Let’s review both.

Optimizing the planning of the content loop

Many of our clients use Quividi’s « historical » audience data & analytics to plan their content loop. Our data management platform, VidiCenter, lets them easily visualize the numbers of watchers and OTS (Opportunities to see) of all their content (provided they use one of the many CMSs that we integrate with), broken down by demographics, across all their screens.

We provide multiple levels of reporting – hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, at the network, screen or content level – so they can make that analysis as detailed as they want.

Once network operators and marketers understand when and where a specific demographic is present, they can easily plan the play-out of their content at these particular times and places to reach the target audience.

Take for instance PilotTV, in Taiwan, which has equipped several thousands of screens in the country’s largest convenience stores with our platform. They adjust their planning to make sure that any promotional content that is played best resonates with the audience in front of the screen. Since this strategy has been put in place, several years ago, the results have been particularly conclusive with a +20% average sales uplift observed across the convenience stores.

Innovative Foto, the largest manufacturer, operator and distributor of digital imaging photo booths in the United States, developed the same approach. In 2017, the company, through its DOOH division Digital Experiential Media Network, started deploying Quividi’s platform to receive actionable insights of the audience passing in front of their booths. To confirm that their messaging was enticing and resonating with its potential users, it decided to analyze the audience around their units and then compared it to the purchasing and interactions times within the booths.



They identified that traffic amongst people under 30 peaked and grew from 10 AM to 3 PM, but purchases occurred mostly later in the day when fewer people were around. After optimizing the content played on their screens to better engage consumers under 30, the vends increased by over 24%.

Triggering the content to the target audience in real-time

Some of Quividi’s DOOH customer networks don’t rely on content loops and prefer using the real-time capabilities of our Audience & Campaign Intelligence platform to reach their target audience.

In other words, they let Quividi’s computer-vision software VidiReports detect, in real-time, when a specific audience is predominantly present in front of a screen and inform the network’s CMS to trigger the targeted content.

This real-time data-driven targeting approach was the one chosen by international brands Aldo and Pandora to power their DOOH shopping mall campaign on the URW Network, in October 2018. The two brand-retailers provided a small set of targeted contents which were contextually triggered against the shoppers passing in front of the screens.


The results were particularly impressive with double-digit increases in attention time, numbers of transactions and basket sizes.

All these different initiatives show how impactful Quividi-powered communication strategies can be for retailers, advertisers and DOOH networks.

These are winning strategies that you can implement immediately. Contact us to get started right now.

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