How Quividi’s Content Intelligence Optimizes Communication Strategies in Digital-Out-of-Home & Digital Signage

How Quividi’s Content Intelligence Optimizes Communication Strategies in Digital-Out-of-Home & Digital Signage

Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) and Digital Signage screens are everywhere: in train stations, malls, restaurants, stores, … everywhere. To give you a sense of the scale, the total number of digital signage screens shipped in 2020 is expected to be around 4.4 million, according to IDC.

Year after year, these screens get bigger, slimmer, better integrated. Positioned strategically along the customer journey, they emerge successfully in the real world to address mass audiences like few other media. More than ever, DOOH & Digital Signage screens are a unique channel for brands to reach millions of shoppers every day.

However, we would all agree that one thing can still be improved: the relevancy of the content played on those screens. Content is the fuel of DOOH & Digital Signage and right now it makes our vehicle cough…

The vast majority of creatives and messages isn’t correctly contextualized to the audience passing the screens, making it un-engaging. It does a disservice to networks and brands, and represent a huge missed opportunity for our industry.

That’s the challenge that Quividi’s Audience & Campaign intelligence platform is tackling by bringing this layer of contextualization that optimizes brands’ communication strategy. It turns DOOH and Digital Signage into powerful media that boost audience engagement, traffic and sales.

If DOOH and Digital Signage’s core DNA are to be one-to-many media, that doesn’t mean that contextualisation isn’t relevant nor possible. Call it “mass contextualization” or “personalisation at scale”, it works. As a pioneer in our space, Quividi has been collecting and analyzing billions of audience data, that demonstrate the value of data-driven contextualized content.

Making data-driven contextualized campaigns the new normal is the next frontier for our industry. Quividi’s content intelligence is playing his part, by making it possible for brands and networks to drive :

  • audience attention,
  • in-store traffic,
  • in-store sales,
  • campaign’s effectiveness.

In a series of posts, we’ll show you how to use Quividi’s Audience & Campaign Intelligence platform to optimize a brand Communication Strategy in DOOH & Digital Signage and how easy that can be. Stay tuned to read the following articles:

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