Measuring DOOH Audience Impressions

Let’s Explore How Audience Impressions for Digital Out-of-Home are measured


Digital OOH Measurement Standards: Past, Present And Future

 We discuss the state-of-the-union as it pertains to audience measurement standards – online and offline.


Human-Valid Audience Impressions – A Proposal For Cross-Platform Viewability

We illustrate a technical proposal for cross-platform audience impressions, which is used as a basis for Quividi’s audience impression measurement.


DOOH Client-Side Vs Server-Side Measurement

We discuss a robust protocol for client-side ad measurement and its benefits and uses. We will also contrast it with server-side techniques.


DOOH Impression Multiplier And Adjustment Factor

We dig into the subject of data transformation from a detection metric into an audience metric.


DOOH Advertiser Accountability – Audience Measurement Comparison Checklist

We illustrate a way of comparing audience measurement providers and methods in a cross-platform (online and offline) way.


DOOH Audience Data Comparison – Computer Vision And Mobile Data

We explore mobile measurement for OOH and compare it with Quividi’s model and methodology.