Why Leaders Choose Quividi for their DOOH and Digital Signage Audience & Campaign Intelligence

Quividi has been pioneering Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA) solutions since 2006. Over this long period of time we’ve seen many of our competitors come, promise disruption and make bold claims — only to disappear shortly thereafter. In the meantime, we kept doing what we do best: we worked tirelessly not only to constantly improve our technology but also to create a healthy ecosystem in which AVA solutions have become an integral part of our customers’ communication strategy, both in the Digital Signage and in the Digital Out Of Home industries.

Today, our platform measures more than 1 billion faces every month, across hundreds of customers. That’s more than all our competitors combined, which makes Quividi the World #1 company for Audience & Campaign Intelligence in DOOH and Digital Signage — indisputably.

We are proud to work with the most innovative, prestigious and demanding clients, who are constantly challenging us to provide the best value from of our audience data and our analytics platform.

Some of our 600 customers

Elan media
Grandi Stazioni
Scentre group
Simon malls

Quividi may not be #1 when it comes to hype, and yet the reasons for our success are remarkably solid. Let’s have a look at why our customers have chosen our solution and why they are creating more and more business with us:

1. A Proven technology: deployING at scale

Quividi’s platform has been considered the best AVA technology by leading and prestigious companies after exhaustive comparisons with other providers. Be it in terms of robustness, speed, accuracy, or CPU efficiency, Quividi is second to none.

Quividi provides a proven environment that makes large scale implementations as smooth as possible. Just to name a few features: 

  • our software doesn’t require any local configuration: each new instance automatically self-registers in an easy, web-accessible customer dashboard;
  • we have a rich set of monitoring probes that make it possible to identify and fix problems remotely;
  • we can deal with mixed-OS environments and dual screens running in a single player;
  • our solution allows for automatic remote updates, so that the latest and best version can always be deployed in time.

Our clients also benefit from our rich ecosystem:

  • we cooperate directly with the largest CMS and hardware vendors globally (see a complete list here) to make sure our platform is natively compatible with their solutions;
  • we provide a large network of system integrators to support you locally (more details here);
  • the Quividi core team is distributed over four continents to provide our customers with quick help and support every step of the way.

Let’s face it: in the world of software and IoT everyone knows that there is no such thing as completely snag-free deployment; that’s why we are so proud of our reputation for our reactivity and success rate while deploying our technology at scale.

2. Actionable Insights and proven Business Outcomes: FOCUSING ON ROI 

With the Quividi platform, our end-customers have the unique ability to test, measure, optimize and deliver data-driven content to engage and convert audiences.

With our native integration with more than 20 CMS’s, customer can take advantage of data with sub-second precision and granularity and observe the exact audience dynamics for each piece of content. A native integration with the CMS means that we can provide a proof of play and a guaranteed proof of audience for every content item played on every screen, with second-by-second precision.

This level of detail allows Quividi to leverage data science techniques to assess the effectiveness of the content strategy with respect to engagement, drive to store, and in-store sales. Time and again, we provided global brands with quantitative metrics on the overall efficacy of their DOOH campaigns, which led to the anchoring of premium advertisers as DOOH network customers.

For more info, have a look to this page to understand how Quividi can successfully help you drive your business outcomes.

3. Supporting New Business Models: CREATING Monetization Strategies

Quividi equips large networks of thousands of screens, as well as small start-ups. We understand that no two projects look alike and that each company and each market comes with specific constraints. That is why we have pricing models that adapt to many situations and take into consideration volume, features, license duration, and geography.
To further serve large and small customers we have launched a statistically-proven Sampling & Extrapolation solution, making it possible for companies to estimate the audience of their entire network by equipping with cameras only a fraction of their screens. This dramatically lowers the cost and the infrastructure requirements to get an audience measurement project started.
We also introduced a new real-time API specifically designed for programmatic; the API provides a short-time forecast of a screen audience that can be used to drive bidding. Long-time forecasts can also be provided to DSPs and SSPs directly from our central servers. In both cases, these forecasts are already endorsed by leading DOOH ad exchanges such as BroadSign Reach and VistarMedia and already help our DOOH customers to monetize their channels.

4. Privacy Regulations: Complying with the Highest Standards

Quividi’s platform was designed from the very start with privacy in mind. This is why we were the first AVA company to receive the green light from a variety of national privacy regulatory bodies years before GDPR became a reality.

Today the importance of privacy cannot be understated and businesses should act responsibly and with transparency towards consumers. For this reason, in 2017, Quividi started to communicate with various EU Data Protection Authorities to understand how GDPR is affecting the AVA industry.

In a cooperation with our lead authority – France’s CNIL – we made sure to secure a legal basis to let our end-customers operate legally in the EU, we integrated further consumer privacy safeguards into our platform, and we built an entire privacy kit for our customers; we can truly claim that we are the most privacy-compliant computer-vision solution on the market

Concurrently, we mandated German privacy specialists ePrivacy GmbH to conduct an external audit of our platform. After a 6-month process, ePrivacy granted Quividi its ePrivacySeal, guaranteeing our platform’s compliance with their criteria catalogue, which includes the requirements imposed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

All these efforts make Quividi’s platform the safest choice with regards to privacy, in Europe and also in the rest of the world where the GDPR influences new local regulations (California, Brazil, UAE, to name a few).

5. AND SO…

If you need to select an audience measurement solution, you may want to keep in mind the checklist below and ask yourself if your company of choice has:

  • proven blue chip end-customers
  • robustness in industrial-size deployments
  • native integration with industry leaders
  • strategies to bring a fast ROI to clients
  • true privacy policies
  • excellent reputation
We believe Quividi is the only AVA company that can comfortably pass the test!

err @AdMobilize says that it is, we quote “the world’s #1 audience intelligence company” who says that apart from them? If you asked anyone in #DOOH or #DigitalSignage who was No. #1 I bet that 99% folks would say @quividi.

DailyDOOH (@DailyDOOH) July 30, 2019

Quividi has a much bigger reach than Admobilize or any other computer-vision-based  audience analytics provider. 
For good reasons.